blockchain-as-a service

Accelerate Your Blockchain Innovation with NBAI

Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

NBAI develops and implements business solutions that help entreprises leverage blockchain technologies. We drive game changing business outcomes, optimise organisational processes, and create new networks with more trust and transparency.

We create customized Blockchain tools and activate your network on a reliable platform that grows from proof to concept within a secure, fully scalable production.

Our team of experts work closely with enterprises to ensure that the right requirements are identified and future-oriented technology is deployed.


nbai blockchain services


Secure and Confidential

  1. Data encryption in-transit and at-rest
  2. Restricting transactions and ledger access to authorized participants
  3. We make sure our network is tamper-proof and our digital signatures are valid


  1. We provide sub-second transaction latency
  2. We create large blockchain networks
  3. We handle growing transaction volumes


  1. No downtime with highly available services
  2. Rapidly recovering if some components fail
  3. Multiple layers of protection against data corruption or loss

Implementation Support

  1. We perform day-to-day administration
  2. We oversee SLAs
  3. We troubleshoot anomalies
  4. We patch and upgrade lifecycle with backward compatibility

Enterprise Integration

  1. We deliver pre-built onramps for enterprise systems
  2. We provide modern API-driven methods to share data, capture blockchain events & updates